I got myself in a bad situation

I do not consider myself to be the kind of guy that gets themselves into bad situations but last weekend I would have to agree with my friends that I screwed up pretty badly.

My friends and I all live in a state that is a desert! If you go out far enough all you will see is lots of sand and tumbleweeds.

It looks a lot like the wild west out there, well on a Friday evening we were bored and had nothing better to do and so we went camping in the desert, one of our friends knew of the perfect area to camp and check out some of the local spooky legends, but no navigation or any clue of where we might be heading we left as well as started heading to this arena in the middle of nowhere. My friends and I being the geniuses we were, got ourselves and if it couldn’t get any worse now we were low on gas, we decided to just abandon the camping plan and get out of there. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about being lost in the middle of nowhere in the desert at night. We all started to freak out and wanted to get out of there fast. Even at night it was warm and I was already missing the cooling system at home. After arguing for a minute we finally found our way back to the main road as well as had just enough gas left to get home. I was so thankful for the attractive air conditioner in the car, if it weren’t for the air conditioner I would be covered in sweat to death. If there is one thing that is for sure, I would not want to live without HVAC technology or heating as well as air conditioner products.


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