I got rid of my HVAC units

I finally got rid of my HVAC units, and I have decided that I am no longer going to use HVAC units. I know that I sound crazy, but I honestly think that I could pull it off. That is because I am lucky enough to live in an area that doesn’t require a heating system. I live in the South, but I live in the part of the SOuth that literally never gets cold during the winter. There are some places in the South that get chilly during the winter, but our area never does. I used to have a furnace in my house, but I literally never had to use the furnace because of the awesome temperatures where I was. I did have a central air conditioner, and I used the central air conditioner at my house a lot. Finally, one day, I decided that I was tired of spending a ton of money on my central air conditioner. Some people in the North complain that they spend a ton of money on heating their house, but I would say that I probably spend more on cooling than they will ever spend on their heating bill. One day, I realized that before the 20th century, nobody had access to a central air conditioner, but people still lived in the area. That means that it was entirely possible to live without an air conditioner in the South, and since you never needed a heating system, it was the perfect area if you could get used to the lack of air conditioning. Finally, when my central air conditioner broke down, I decided to get rid of my HVAC units completely. I can’t imagine how much money I am going to save by not using the air conditioner.

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