I had a lot of foolish teachers back in school

I actually have a few things to take up with some of my teachers of the past.

I remember asking why we couldn’t use calculators when we were working on math, and the teacher said that was because we wouldn’t have calculators everywhere we went.

Well, about that, our phones have calculators! Not only are our phones calculators, they are pretty much a handheld entertainment system. There’s basically nothing you can’t do with your phone unless you want to use it as a row for a fishing boat or something. But even these days a lot of phones are waterproof, so I suppose you could use it as a row if you really wanted to. I remember this one teacher that really made me mad because he claimed that HVAC systems would never become any more energy efficient than they already were. I thought that was total nonsense because technology is always increasing. If people thought in that way, they would say that there was no reason to ever move away from using horses with a carriage on the roadways. HVAC systems have become so energy efficient, it’s absolutely remarkable. There are advanced systems like geothermal HVAC systems that use minimal energy since they pull the natural heating from the earth, and there are systems like radiant heated floors that are highly energy efficient. Pretty much every ten years or so, HVAC systems become far more energy efficient than before. I don’t know why I had so many teachers that didn’t seem to know anything, but that was just how it was.



Air conditioning worker