I had a rip in our window tint.

I had just had the window tint done on our car, when a storm went through out area.

There were downed trees, plus debris laying everywhere.

We had several branches come down on the automobile plus the house, but there didn’t seem to be any insurance mangle. A few scratches plus lifted roof tiles, was entirely fixed by our fiance. I didn’t guess anything about the car. The few branches that covered it, were so small, I didn’t guess they would be able to do cosmetic mangle, let alone put any dents. I wasn’t counting on what those sharp little branches could do to the modern window tint I had just had installed. There was a sizable rip going across the window shield plus smaller scratches plus rips in the window on the driver’s side window tint. I almost cried; I was so annoyed, but my automobile insurance wouldn’t pay for the mangle, plus even though all of us had homeowner’s insurance, they wouldn’t pay for the mangle. I had to disconnect the mangled window tint, plus take it to the apartment center plus purchase window tint that was identical to this one. I didn’t want the windshield plus driver’s side glass be a odd color than the rest of the windows. I could not afford to have the entire done again. My fiance went to the apartment center with me, plus he told them what happened. It was less than a week since all of us had installed the window tint so they put it under warranty. He stated I had a defective product plus updated the window tint for free.

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