I had no choice but to fly.

When I took our modern task, I knew well that I had to travel.

I had a modern automobile that was given to me by our corporation. I thought the reason for this was because I would need to drive to our more than 2 supplier meetings. I found out that, yes; I was going to need to drive, despite the fact that I was also going to need to fly. It’s kind of hard to get to some of our supplier meetings, since you couldn’t drive over sizable bodies of water. To be honest, flying petrifies me. Every time I have been in an airplane, the air quality has been terrible. Those little air vents they have over the seats, don’t deliver enough air to even be felt. It is too warm or too cold, & if it is too cold, inevitably the stewards run out of blankets before I can get a single. When I got our modern task, the pandemic was just starting. I didn’t want to need to fly if I had to worry about having someone cough, sneeze, or even talk to me. It didn’t matter how I felt about this; I had a task to do. I bought a pack of medical grade masks, grabbed more than 2 bottles of hand sanitizer, & headed to the airport. I asked if they had updated the air purifications idea before bringing passengers onboard. I wanted to suppose if the air quality was pure & clean. I asked about sanitizing the airplane & the airport? They told me they did all of this, despite the fact that I would not know them. Until I got in the plane & experienced the air quality for myself, I wasn’t going to feel safe.



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