I had so much cash

I thoroughly enjoy my local library. It is big and beautiful and provides me with all manner of books to read. I have lived in an awful lot of places, but they were mostly tiny towns. That meant that my local library was very small with little variety in books. However, residing near the downtown of a major city means I get an expansive library. This monolithic library is five stories, and stretches across a full city block. It is great to spend a lot of time there. If there is a drawback though, I would say it is the overly powerful A/C system. The summers are brutal around here, so a freezing breeze of air conditioning always feels good, at first. But then, after an hour or two, the lower climate control setting starts to freeze your bones. They run their A/C so cold, often I have to put my book down and warm up outside for a moment. I suppose it is not simple to balance out the proper thermostat setting. Customers are constantly coming in and out, but you want to keep your thermostat setting fixed. However, because their HVAC system is so strong, I am forced to take extra layers with me. I’m an odd sight with a beanie on me in the summer in such a hot state, however, their A/C is so cold that I need that warm headwear when I plan to spend a lot of hours there. At least though, the cold A/C feels refreshing when I first arrive.

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