I had some big problems

We are well into the season of fall now, & it has gotten quite a bit cooler around here than it normally is. This is typically a welcome relief. This is the time of year when the two of us open our windows & flip the switch to off on the air conditioning control unit. I am not a person who enjoys using the heater, so unless it is below thirty-several degrees outside, I leave both the heating & cooling off for as long as I possibly can. The other afternoon, I thought I was going to have to cave & turn on the heater, though. I guess the older I get, the less I can put up with extremes in control unit readings. So, I woke up early Thanksgiving afternoon & I was freezing! Even though I was under the blankets, I felt as if I actually was going to have to head out to the hall & turn the furnace on. I resisted, though, & just put on a overcoat & fleece lined leggings. I was feeling the natural air conditioning, but before long I needed to start cooking the immense supper of the afternoon. I put the turkey in the oven & expected it to serve as a update heater. It was still cold, though. Instead of flipping on the heater, I decided to get to task on the side dishes. I needed to rest over those warm burners, & before you guess it, I was feeling as if the furnace was actually on! In fact, I was upset that i forgot that I did turn it on or something so I headed over to the control unit just to be sure. But, both the air conditioning & the furnace were still off, & the house was warm… Cooking a immense meal means no need for heater.

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