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I feel I should consider myself lucky. I majored in design in school and it did not take long after I graduated to be picked up by a provider in a rather famous location in the Northeast. It was a multiple hour drive from where I grew up and my folks were gracious enough to give me some dough to get me started out, and despite the help in my funds, it was honestly taxing for me to find a place that I could afford. I finally settled on a place about twenty hours from my work. It was a small location to be sure, however it had everything I wanted and the view was great. Because my home was made merely of a dining roomette, a small living room, a sitting room and a lavatory, I only really needed more than one window-mounted Heating and Air Conditioning units to get by: one in my dining room and put one in the living room. They worked pretty decent throughout the first summer time that I lived there. But, while in the next sizzling season about part way through, I noticed that the window mounted Heating and Air Conditioning component in the living room started to blow hot air… Eventually, it became not able to be used. Because there was such a larger heat wave that summer, I could not simply open a window and locale a fan on the window sill to draw in the cool blast of air from outside, because there was no cool air coming in. I did not want to come new home to a tepid home every night, so I pulled together some funds to get the window component fixed.

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