I had to get rid of it

It really depressed me when I found that I had to get rid of my electric fireplace. The electric fireplace had broken down really bad. I had an expert from the fireplace repair company come out to see if anything could be done to repair the electric fireplace. But sadly, it was completely dead. I had 2 choices now. I could either just forget about having an electric fireplace in my home, or I could go out and invest another thousand bucks or so and buy a brand new electric fireplace to replace the one that just broke. In all fairness, I did have this electric fireplace for over a decade, so I guess the fact that it died should not have been any surprise to me. After all, central heating and air conditioning system units usually die in that amount of time and you have to get a new one. So why not the same for an electric fireplace? I guess it all makes sense. I decided since the holidays were coming up to go out to the store and just invest in a brand new electric fireplace so I had it around for the holiday. Also I looked at it as a special holiday gift for the family. To not have an electric fireplace like we have the last 10 years would not seem right on Christmas. We all have gotten so used to it being around, so we can not change tradition. My wife wholesomely agreed with me as well. So we got the brand new electric fireplace with a 2 year warranty.



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