I had to move out because my landlord wouldn’t fix the HVAC units

I just had to move out of my apartment because I could not get the HVAC units fixed.

I lived in an apartment, and I honestly liked it.

The rent was the most affordable rent in town for a place this nice, and the landlord seemed like a nice guy at first. However, when I was looking at the apartment to consider renting, a bunch of my friends warned me to stay away from it. Apparently, the landlord was known for being bad at getting things repaired. However, after I met the landlord, I figured that they were probably exaggerating because he seemed so nice. I should have listened to them. During the second winter that I lived in the apartment, the furnace stopped working. I had had no major problems with anything before then, so I forgot about the warnings. I called the landlord and told him that my furnace wasn’t working, and he told me that he would have someone come to check it out. Nothing happened. I waited a day or two, and then I called the landlord again about the furnace. This time, he ignored me. For the next week, I couldn’t get ahold of the landlord to get him to repair the furnace. When I finally cornered him and asked him about the furnace, he told me that since I lived in the apartment, I would be responsible for paying the HVAC technician. However, my lease clearly said otherwise, so I had to take him to court. I eventually ended up leaving the apartment and finding one with a working furnace, but thankfully, I got to keep my deposit.

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