I had to play stupid to find a trustworthy HVAC professional

Isn’t it an upsetting world that every one of us live in? I honestly feel like everything has gotten more violent, more empty, & more dangerous the longer I’ve been alive on this planet.

Everybody is out to fend for themselves & the world is slowly burning.

I’ve been trying my best to keep a positive outlook although I have a strenuous time maintaining any faith in the human race with the way things are going. I’ve even become suspicious of my friends, family, & neighbors. I don’t trust anybody for the most part because it feels as though we’re on the cusp of Mad Max times. This is why I’ve come up with a few practices that I use to help me determine whether somebody is trustworthy or not. Not too long ago, I decided to test out to my favorite personality indicator on a heating & cooling equipment worker that I had invited to the property. I had arrived back to my beach house one day to find that our temperature control was not actually connecting to the central gas furnace. I knew that every one of us needed to get the furnace replaced & taken care of before the Winter time season arrived & our beach house was instantly frigid. I called out the worker & made the choice to supply him the rope to hang himself, as usual… When he started asking about my heating equipment situation, I played stupid. I told him I had no idea how my temperature control worked or where the warm air even came out of. I acted as though I did not know what gas furnaces were used for. I denied the existence of HVAC ducts inside of my walls. For a little bit of time, I made this guy’s head spin… After that, I sat back & waited to see what he would tell me. It was wonderful for both of us, he was severely even-handed & walked myself and others through the basics of gas furnaces without trying to sell myself and others something expensive. After that, I honestly trusted his professional opinion.

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