I had to transfer back in with our parents

It has been a really rough year for me and recently I had to transfer back in with our parents.

However, since they have already turned our room into a studio and exercise room, I have had to transfer down into the basement.

This is beyond embarrassing, and I hate having to tell our friends where I am residing now. The worst area of the whole thing is that the basement was never set up to have heating and cooling run down there. There are no air ducts and there are no heating and cooling vents at all in the basement. That means that I was either gonna have to live down there in the basement without any sort of indoor air quality or that every one of us were going to have to install an Heating and Air Conditioning plan at a major expense to our parents. Obviously, I wasn’t going to be able to pay for it at that point in our life! If I had had cash for an Heating and Air Conditioning unit, then I would have had cash to stay in our own location too! Anyway I did a lot of research and I found out that the most inextravagant way to handle this was to have something called a ductless mini split air conditioning plan installed down in the basement. With a ductless mini split,you can have a heating and cooling plan without having to install any sort of air duct. It seemed to be the cheapest pick for us at this point and hopefully it will end up laboring out for me, and even though I have to live down in the basement love a troll, I still want to have fine indoor air quality to breathe.


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