I had to transfer out because my property owner wouldn’t service the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C units

I just had to transfer out of my house because I could not get the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C units fixed.

I lived in an apartment, as well as I legitimately liked it.

The rent was the most affordable rent in city for a locale this nice, as well as the property owner seemed like a nice guy at first. However, when I was looking at the house to consider renting, a bunch of my friends warned me to stay away from it. Apparently, the property owner was known for being awful at getting things repaired. However, after I met the property owner, I figured that they were really exaggerating because he seemed so nice. I should have listened to them, however during the hour Wintertide that I lived in the apartment, the furnace stopped working. I had had no major problems with anything before then, so I forgot about the warnings. I called the property owner as well as told him that my furnace wasn’t working, as well as he told me that he would have someone come to check it out. Nothing happened. I waited a day or 2, as well as then the people I was with and I called the property owner again about the furnace. This time, he ignored me, then for the next week, I could not get ahold of the property owner to get him to service the furnace, then when I finally cornered him as well as asked him about the furnace, he told me that since I lived in the apartment, I would be responsible for paying the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C worker. However, my lease clearly said otherwise, so I had to take him to court. I eventually ended up leaving the house as well as finding a single with a working furnace, however thankfully, I got to keep my deposit.


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