I have a good temperature control system

You know, by now I should remember that I cannot be too literal when explaining anything to my husband. In his defense, he is not the smartest and also, English is not his first language, so sometimes things get lost in translation. We were talking the other day about how we need better insulation in the house, so I mentioned the clear plastic that goes over windows to help insulate a home better, however I guess I could’ve been clearer because what I literally said was, “You know, we really should saran wrap our windows.” – I didn’t even mention the fact that the plastic is purchased at the hardware store in the energy saving kit isle. I should have never stupidly assumed he knew what I was referring to. I have no idea why I thought this idiot would comprehend what I was saying – I mean, he is from Florida and it’s not like they have to insulate their houses during winter like we do up in the Midwest. I can’t even say I was all that surprised when I walked into the house today and found all of my windows wrapped in actual saran wrap – which was obviously difficult because when my husband walked around the corner, he was also wrapped in saran wrap – DIY home projects aren’t his thing either I guess. With that began the long evening of trying not to laugh or scream as I explained that I was actually referring to an actual energy saving kit from the store; I didn’t want him to buy more than nine rolls of saran wrap! I wanted to keep hot air inside our house instead of blowing it out my ears as steam!

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