I have a great deal of respect for the man who invented A/C

I am very impressed by the man who invented the air conditioner.

I honestly couldn’t even imagine my life without air conditioning.

We live in a very hot climate and I’m sure that everybody else feels the same way about their A/C. If we didn’t have this luxury, we would be dying from heat exhaustion. I certainly wouldn’t be able to live in the South if I didn’t have access to the A/C. I think I would have to move all the way to the North Pole if that were the case! I have read a little bit about Willis Carrier and he really did good when it came to developing actual working air conditioning. It basically started when he was trying to figure out a way to keep the humidity out of the printing press. He was able to come up with this brilliant idea using a type of compressor coil system that would basically cool the air and knock out the humidity. He originally wasn’t going for the cooling air, but that was what came from the compressor coils. Over time he was able to perfect the air conditioner machine and it started to be in high demand in a short period of time. Before he knew it, he was developing air conditioners for major companies and eventually the movie business invested heavily into air conditioning. Does the summer blockbuster ring a bell? The air conditioning had all kinds of people flocking to enjoy the amazing comfort from the A/C systems and it became a very popular thing.


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