I have a lot of faith that my nephew will do big things in the HVAC industry

I was really sad when my wife and I learned that we could not have children.

It was something I never would have expected to be a problem.

My brother on the other hand has had no issues with his wife and they have a baby boy and a girl. My nephew has always impressed me too because he is so smart. He picked up fast on building things with his erector set and various other learning toys like that. I eventually taught him how to repair a window A/C unit and I showed him how to work on car motors. He picked up on everything so fast, it was unbelievable. I actually tried to teach my brother a bunch of things like this, but it seemed like he was unable to learn these types of things. I guessed he just didn’t have a mechanical mind like mine, but his son sure does! I taught him how to work on the HVAC system and everything. My brother wasn’t too thrilled with him working around dangerous electrical equipment at first, but I taught him everything, safety first! Before I knew it, my brother was thanking me because they were saving so much on the HVAC repairs and maintenance because my nephew was taking care of everything. It was just like how I taught him and I told him he definitely should get into the HVAC industry. I even told him he would make a fine HVAC engineer and be able to improve how HVAC systems work. I feel he’s so brilliant, he might one day figure out how to provide air purification for entire cities!


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