I have all of these pests damaging my ductwork

A few years ago, the two of us had a horrible situation with our ductwork, but some mice got into our ductwork and caused tremendous damage.

All of us were slacking on cleaning the ductwork when some mice were able to get in, they ate away at the ductwork causing holes.

Additionally, they used the dust in the ductwork to build dense nests. The mice chewed through refrigerant lines in our heating and A/C program that caused costly damage. All of us noticed that our air conditioner was producing air, but that it was hot air, rather than cool; when the heating and A/C business finally came to check out the problem, he discovered the mice. The damage was extensive. All of us had to hire an exterminator to get rid of the mice. All of us had to spend money on the heating and A/C business to substitute the refrigerant lines that the mice chewed through, and in addition, the two of us had to spend money for the heating and A/C business to patch the holes in the ductwork. It was a total disaster in the end. All of us had to dip into our savings to make up for the unexpected suspense, however now, I guess to never neglect cleaning the ductwork again. I am so frustrated because if the two of us had been more proactive, the two of us never would have had to deal with this situation in the first place. I made sure to enroll in a cleaning program to avoid this issue in the future.



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