I have an idea to save money with my energy bills

I am a guy who adores saving money whenever I can (who isn’t?)! And a certain way I found that I will be able to save some money this coming summer time is to get myself a portable a/c appliance.

With a portable a/c machine I will be able to save a good amount of money on my energy bills which tends to get absolutely pricey this time of the year.

This is due to the fact of having to operate my central cooling appliance nearly every waking hour. If I have a portable cooling appliance, I will be able to work the portable a/c appliance in the day plus then turn on the central a/c at night possibly. Or, maybe if the portable cooling appliance is absolutely strong, I may be able to just transfer it into the bedroom with me plus sleep with nothing but my portable cooling appliance! I honestly know someone who does precisely that plus they have saved a large amount in energy bills throughout the course of the summer. I will simply provide that a try, or maybe buy a few portable cooling appliances. Sure, it will cost me a few hundred dollars, however, in the end, because of all the energy savings I will be having, they would more than likely pay for themselves in no time! All I can do is try this out. But I will start out with the one portable cooling appliance plus see how that affects my energy bills before I do anything else.
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