I have one large family

I’m from a massive family. I have 8 siblings and I’m the youngest of them all. There are only 3 of us left in the house with my parents, the rest of my siblings have already moved out. I want to move out soon, too, but I’m just not old enough yet. My 2 older brothers and I will probably be moving out within a year or two. Our parents are house flippers so we’ll probably just be getting one of their newly acquired homes to all live in. That’s what most of my siblings have already done as well. My parents will buy a house for cheap, renovate it, then resell it after the value has gone up substantially. They make a comfortable living off of it and as a side benefit, I’ve learned a lot about house care as well. I want to do the same thing when I get older and a couple of my siblings already do the same thing. My parents are already asking us what kind of features we would like to have for our house too. I know that one of their specialties is to install a new heating and cooling system to increase the value of the house quite a bit. I’m definitely okay with this because I love to have a comfortable temperature throughout the year as well. I’d love to have a fancy system like heated floors but I’d be happy with any functional and reliable heating and cooling system at all. As long as the heating keeps us warm and the air conditioner keeps us cool I’ll be happy. A 3 bedroom house won’t be cheap either way and as they say, “beggars can’t be choosers!”

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