I have to fix the cooling unit

I just read an article about how full our brains are.  Apparently, there is so much data entering our brain that our brains are on info overload.  Trying to remember all passwords alone makes my head hurt. Not to mention all the other data I am deluged with on a quarterly basis.  I have constantly been a list guy to keep things straight even to the point of having oodles of legal pads with all sorts of instructions plus ideas.  I even carry a small notepad around to check items off for quarterly tasks as well as jot down thoughts. This method of keeping thoughts straight may now be completely obsolete.  For example, remembering to change our Heating and A/C air filter is a challenge. It must be changed every 30 days, no exceptions. However, I only seem to remember to change it just as I am falling asleep or driving to work.  My son thinks he has the answer. He has put a series of alarms on our PC devoted solely to Heating plus A/C responsibilities. This blows my mind! Now, every 30 days a certain alarm goes off to I remind me to change the air filter.  Two months a year the alarm on our PC goes off to tell me it’s time to schedule the Heating plus A/C semi annual repair call. Even with the alarm the repair call gets by me and I end up at the very bottom of the list so the repair call happens deep into the cold or the hot season.  Well, not anymore as the Heating plus A/C reminder alarms now have their own tone to them. It’s not hard to figure out what is on the schedule just by the jingle of the alarm. I sure hope this works because the last thing I want to do is mess up our Heating plus A/C unit especially by simply forgetting about it.

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