I have to wear a jacket to the grocery store

On many afternoons when the temperatures are hot, I prefer to be indoors or even at the beach or water park.

Living in a tropical climate means being accustomed to the very hot temperatures as well as humid summer days.

Several people living in the area plan for afternoon activities depending on the outdoor temperatures. When the uneven hot as well as cold temperatures are scorching hot as well as I am forced to be outdoors, I always dress appropriately with light as well as comfortable clothing. On certainly brutal afternoons, I have a sweater as well as light jacket. There are some venues when I need a single. One venue in certain is the grocery. The AC and the grocery store seems to blast arctic cold air. It was around 90 outside last week and I had to wear a denim jacket because the grocery store was cold. I had a couple of thoughts about the indoor temperature while shopping and I decided to research the reason for the cold AC. A single theory was the fact that people seem to buy more food when they feel cold. Another theory is that the grocery store spent a staggering pile of currency for the energy and they absolutely tried to save by running the system all the time instead of having it turned on and off frequently. I suppose it is much better to have a lot of cold air in the store than to have barely or no cool air at all anywhere.



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