I helped our buddy install a ductless mini split after I installed 1 in our home

When I was installing a new ductless mini split in our house, I felt like somebody was watching.

It turned out when I was hooking up everything to the condenser unit, the neighbor’s kid was there watching me work… She said hi to me and then asked what I was doing. I basically told him I was installing a new HVAC system. She said she had never seen an HVAC plan like that and she asked if I was an HVAC professional. I had to tell him no, and then she seemed confused. She scratched her head and then she asked how I could install an HVAC plan if I wasn’t a professional. She said her father said that only HVAC professionals could do HVAC plan replacements. I smiled and told him “welcome to the future!” I explained how the DIY ductless mini split could be installed by any homeowner who had a little bit of handy skills, and as long as you guess how to follow directions, drill holes, and take measurements that are precise, you can install a ductless mini split, however the kid ended up telling her father that I was installing an HVAC plan and then she came out in disbelief. She asked me numerous questions like the pricing and how difficult it was to install. She ended up asking me if I could help him install a new ductless mini split in her apartment too, and I agreed to help him out… Now all of us both have awesome HVAC systems that also come with built in air purification. I tell you, it doesn’t get much better than this!
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