I helped our neighbor install a ductless mini split after I installed a single in our home

When I was installing a current ductless mini split in our house, I felt adore somebody was enjoying; It turned out when I was hooking up everything to the condenser unit, the neighbor’s child was there enjoying me work, and he said hi to me & then asked what I was doing.

  • I basically told him I was installing a current HVAC system.

He said he had never seen an HVAC program adore that & he asked if I was an HVAC professional. I had to tell him no, & then he seemed confused. He scratched his head & then he asked how I could install an HVAC program if I wasn’t a professional. He said his father said that only HVAC professionals could do HVAC program upgrades. I smiled & told him “welcome to the future!” I explained how the DIY ductless mini split could be installed by any homeowner who had a little bit of handy skills! As long as you know how to follow directions, drill holes, & take measurements that are precise, you can install a ductless mini split! The child ended up telling his father that I was installing an HVAC program & then he came out in disbelief. He asked me several questions adore the pricing & how hard it was to install. He ended up asking me if I could help him install a current ductless mini split in his lake house too, & I agreed to help him out, then now all of us both have awesome HVAC systems that also come with built in air purification. I tell you, it doesn’t get much better than this!
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