I hope they care about me

Today when I woke up, I was feeling very optimistic that the temperature was going to be decreasing. I was nice plus sizzling plus toasty in our bed, plus I could tell from the light coming in from the windows that the sunshine was shining at last. Around here where all of us live, the weather has been exhausting for the past couple of months, plus the temperature has been really cold. I’m so ready for the weather to beginning heating up that it’s not even funny. I’m losing our patience, plus I’m starting to assume about moving somewhere warmer where I don’t have to worry about chilly temperatures all the time! Just the thought of living somewhere where it’s sunny plus sizzling makes me believe glad plus care about I have less anxiety from all of the cold. Anyway, the sizzling sunshine shining in when I woke up left me totally unprepared for the disaster I found in the living room when I went in to make the coffee. I believe the temperature was lower than I thought it had been overnight, because the pipe in the living room sink had busted plus there was water everywhere. I instantly went over to our temperature control component plus turned the heating system on full blast. I was hoping that the heated air plus the sizzling air blowing up from the air vents in the floor would help to dry out the water in the living room! Let me tell you, the thoughts of moving somewhere where I don’t have to worry about frozen pipes plus heating bills are looking better all the time!

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