I just could not pass up those deals

When our friend asked me to go to the store with him, I had no concerns.

He said he was going to get some current air filters for his Heating plus Air Conditioning system.

We were looking at all the air filters plus the people I was with and I found just what he was looking for. But then, the people I was with and I saw a big sale was going on with the smart temperature controls. He saw the price plus he said he always wanted to have a nice smart temperature control. He was telling me how he would be able to adjust the temperature control remotely plus everything. He even told me a little bit about the geo fencing feature which saves you a great deal of money when you’re using your Heating plus Air Conditioning system. He explained that it’s basically like an invisible fence that only the smart temperature control can see, plus when you cross that fence, the temperature control settings adjust automatically. The method will go into energy saving mode when you are leaving your home, plus your number one temperature control settings will come back when you are going home. That truthfully sounded like something out of some futuristic movie to me, but it seemed pretty awesome. He said he was short on cash plus couldn’t afford both the air filters plus the smart temperature control. He asked if I would spot him some money, although I told him to just get the air filters another time because I wanted to buy one of those smart temperature controls too! He was reluctant because he said he was on his last air filter, however he put them back plus chose to wait for his next paycheck to get his air filters.

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