I just don’t like my home air conditioner

It took myself and others over 20 years, however I have finally figured out that I don’t like AC.

I have the look of air conditioner, the smell plus the suppose of it, but part of my hatred might be because I lived in the north plus now I live in the south with an air conditioning lover. In the north, nobody owned air conditioner; Not even bigger suppliers bothered with cooling unit since only one month out of the year gets hot. I never experienced central air conditioner until I moved down south with my boyfriend. He likes that the two of us have central A/C plus uses it all of the time. He wants the A/C blasting on him while he sleeps, works out plus eats. I guess he must run a few degrees hotter since our locale is arctic. I don’t like the suppose of artificial cold. The condo feels sort of wet like as well. I swear I can smell the refrigerant in it too. I don’t want to suppose the air hit myself and others when it comes out of the air vents either. If I lived alone, I never would own a cooling system. An evil part of myself and others hopes everyday that the cooling system breaks plus can’t be repaired. I don’t get any cooling maintenance for it or even change an air filter. My boyfriend doesn’t maintain it either. I don’t like the air conditioning bad enough that I am willing to kill this really high-priced machine. I know a lot of people down south swear by the cooling equipment, however I am not a fan.

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