I just hate going there

I don’t understand what the deal is with the manager at my son’s gym. He is in charge of the whole big building complex, which is where my son plays basketball and soccer during the year. I love watching my son play all kinds of sports, but I really loathe and detest going to the gym where he practices. I feel like a place like a big gymnasium should have a really good HVAC system installed in it. But this gym has a terrible heating and air conditioning system. When the temperature outside is hot, the gym never has enough air conditioning turned on. I always think they should have the ductless mini-split air conditioning system set to around 65 degrees or so, but the gym management always has the thermostat set to 78 degrees! I mean, that shouldn’t really even count as air conditioning at all, if you ask me! And believe me, when we are all packed into the gym for games and practices, especially in the summertime when the outside temperatures are really hot, the lack of air conditioning is just terrible. I hate going to the gym in the summer. And honestly, the wintertime isn’t that much better. They seem to think that the weather outside is always way colder than it actually is and they set the temperature on the heating system to about 80 degrees or so. As you can probably imagine, the heat gets totally out of control inside the gym when the kids start playing and the body heat adds to the temperature in the gym! I just hate going there.

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