I just needed to reach a little further

When you hold a job as a heating and cooling worker, having many gas furnaces and enormous air conditioner systems to repair is nothing new, and so I didn’t really suppose anything of it when I got called out to repair a commercial air conditioner on the elevated roof of a business, i headed straight over there! When I arrived I got a ladder and our heavy tools and made our way up onto the roof to inspect the malfunctioning HVAC unit. It actually didn’t take myself and others long to find the root of the problem, the only issue was I had forgotten our stuff on the ground below. I didn’t suppose much of it and got up abruptly to go and retrieve our belongings. The problem was everything was slippery and wet from some early rainfall in the area only an hour ago. I lost our footing and fell straight off the roof and straight onto the hard ground below. I was 2 stories up and the fall hurt truly like heck. The fall is all I remember. When I awoke I was bandaged and found out I had severely broken a leg, as well as a couple of ribs. I was going to have to take it easy for a while. It sucked, I had entirely wanted to fix that central air conditioner. The nurse told myself and others I would be okay in the end, however that I have to not do any kind of HVAC job for a little while. After leaving the local hospital, I accepted the reality of the situation and after everything that already happened I was glad to be home. I ended up enjoying our relaxation time while I slowly mended and once I was healed I was able to go back with more focus and concentration.


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