I just want to go outside

The whole-cabin air purifier is just a waste of money in my own opinion

I like spending time at my little condo learning books and seeing films, but I have spent more time hanging around the condo this year than in my whole life. I do not enjoy being around a bunch of people nonstop, however I’m entirely looking forward to seeing some of my friends. I seriously would enjoy to get a drink at the bar right now and enjoy some live music again. I haven’t been to a concert in 14 weeks. I am absolutely ready for the goddamn virus to be eradicated. I went to the health department Last week to get my first dose of the vaccine and next week I am going to get another dose of the virus vaccine. I am ready to go back to work. For the past few weeks, I have been working every day from home. I do not mind working from home, however lately it has been undoubtedly rather dusty and dirty inside my apartment. A construction supplier is tearing down the huge trees and the plants across the street and all of the dirt and dust is inside of the air. I guess I am not working in the office in order to stay healthy, however working at a condo isn’t superb either. I could go to the hardware store and buy an whole-cabin air purifier for something like $150, but I do not guess it is a necessary expense when I am due to go back to labor in the office in just a few weeks. The whole-cabin air purifier is just a waste of money in my own opinion. I suppose the office has numerous whole-cabin air purifiers ready for the grand opening, so I entirely guess it is a waste for myself and others to get new HVAC for the house.

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