I kept finding excuses to leave the stands

I took my nephew to a football game and the two of us sat in the stands while we watched the players compete.

It was a cold and windy night and my hands and face were cold and burnt from the wind.

When I found out that there was heat in the bathrooms, I kept finding excuses to leave the stands. I felt bad leaving my nephew alone to watch the game, but the bathroom was the only place with heat. It was about twenty-five degrees outside that day and it would have been snowing if there had been any precipitation. Thankfully it was dry and cold instead of wet and cold. When it is cold and wet, the air temperatures seem to cut through my body like a sharp knife.I came back from the bathroom 1 time with a couple of hot dogs and a beer for me. My nephew asked if I was in the bathroom and I confirmed his suspicions. He told me that it was the only place on the football field with heat and then he went to the bathroom and disappeared for 30 minutes. If we were at home, I might have wondered why he was in the bathroom for so long. Since we were at the football game and the temperatures were frigid and cold, I knew he was in the bathroom getting warmed up before the fourth quarter began. He did return with some hot chocolate, but his hands and face were red and warm from being indoors. That was the last game of the winter season thankfully.