I knew everyone was on their way

I have lived with roommates for a few years while attending college. I have gotten used to my roommates and they actually became pretty good friends. Well this summer season when our HVAC equipment broke down, the landlord refused to call the HVAC company for repairs. We all thought this was ridiculous but knew we had to do something. I encouraged everyone to come together and come up with the money for the HVAC system repair. I told everybody that this wasn’t our fault that our landlord was a douchebag and we would cover the repair and take it out of the rent! Everyone realized that was a pretty great idea because he was obligated to cover the cost of the repair and therefore it wouldn’t really cost us anything this way. So we got our money together and contacted a local HVAC company and they sent out an HVAC technician. The HVAC technician was great and he had our HVAC system working perfectly! We paid the man for his work and kept the receipt. When it came time to pay the rent and the landlord came to collect, instead of giving him all the rent money, we gave him the receipt for the repair instead. That cost of repair easily was more than the cost of rent so he actually still owed us money for covering the cost. He tried to complain that this wasn’t going to work for him, but I explained to him that he owned the place and he was obligated to repair any issues especially the HVAC system and we would take him to court if he had a problem with that. He grumbled and went on his way and we enjoyed a perfectly cool household!

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