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Over the course of my professional career there have been so many problems that I have run into, but no matter if it was bad customers, mean coworkers, or exhausting pay it seemed love I was typically miserable. Luckily for myself and others that all changed when I underwent some training and later became a certified Heating as well as Air Conditioning service tech. I had originally planned to enter this field of work at a much younger age, however due to some circumstances that occured in my life I decided to take a different, much more boring career path. In hindsight this was a pretty clear mistake that I made, however now that have changed my course in life I guess that I made the right choice. I have only been laboring as a service tech for several years now, however over that time I have been seriously thrilled and triumphant with my job, then one of the things that has made myself and others fall in appreciate with this job is separate from a doubt how there is no “typical” day. One day I will be installing a new air conditioner plan and new HVAC ducts at a customer’s house, and the next day I am in a totally weird part of the town to drop off a new shipment of Heating as well as Air Conditioning units, at nearly all of my previous jobs I spent at least 90% of my time sitting behind a desk staring at the clock all day, and now that I have discovered the life laboring as an Heating as well as Air Conditioning service tech I will never go back to the regular office job.


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