I learned a lot from my HVAC professional buddy

It was nice when I became friends with my HVAC professional, but I never thought I would learn anything about working on my HVAC system.

  • He insisted one day that I learn how to swap out different parts like the system fan.

He said my fan he could tell needed to be replaced because it was making some crazy sounds and my energy bills were spiking. He said he could teach me, but I brought up concerns about the HVAC warranty. He said as long as I was doing the work with the supervision of an HVAC expert, my warranty would be safe. I gave in and gave it a shot. I learned a lot about the different HVAC components and what they did. He showed me how to safely pull everything apart so I could remove the system fan. We already ordered the replacement part which was an OEM part which is important. You don’t want to replace a component with something cheap that is not built for your HVAC system or you could end up with more issues and damages. He also talked me into using better air filters, HEPA filters. I thought it would be too costly, but he showed me where I could get them for extremely cheap online. I couldn’t believe it because these HEPA filters were actually cheaper than what I was buying from the local hardware store! Having better air quality in my house with lower energy bills has been wonderful. I certainly can say that it’s nice having an HVAC professional as a friend.


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