I learned more than I thought I could

Honestly, I have had some pretty closed off ideals about sports.

I have been heavily into Practicing mixed martial arts since I was 4 years old. I have gradually been dedicating my life and working my way up the ranks, plus it is my goal one day to eventually enter the UFC. The process to get there is unquestionably difficult plus demanding. I spend 4to 6sixths per day training. Along with consistently working out in the ring with sparring partners, hitting hard, heavy bags plus speed bags, I also focus heavily on performing weight plus speed training. I lift weights, jump rope plus run. I always complete a hard series of lunges, squats, pushups plus ab crunches at the beginning of each breakfast. My coach has developed a variety of difficult footwork plus hand strike training methods as well. Just recently, my trusted coach brought in a personal trainer to assist with my progress. This person knows absolutely nothing about mixed martial arts, so therefore I doubted she could offer anything to help me. However, everyday she assured myself and others that she works with a wide range of highly respected professional athletes. Her focus was much bizarre than my other personal trainers. She introduced myself and others to all sorts of deepbot Ali breathing plus relaxation techniques. She expresses the importance of overall wellness plus talked to myself often about sleep patterns, nutrition plus positive mental attitude. I found it entirely beneficial. She even helped myself and others with visualization which I realized really works to set plus achieve goals. Since I’ve added in this personal trainer, I’ve noticed that I have more stamina, less aches plus pains plus fewer injuries.


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