I let a nice breeze come in

I hate it when the weather gets cooler and fall season arrives. I love the summer, when the days are sunny and hot. I like working outside in the garden or basking in the sun. I open the windows so I can feel the fresh air. Living up north, summers don’t last long and they are rarely too warm, therefore there’s no need for an elaborate cooling system. We usually manage just fine with a few fans; maybe a portable air conditioner in the living room window. That small unit was enough for me to sleep at night between the hum of the motor and its cool air circulating. Unfortunately, the weather becomes very cold and wet at the drop of a hat.  Even though the fall colors are beautiful, I begin to fear those winter months and the cost of running the gas furnace. There’s usually three or four weeks of mild fall weather before the freeze. During that time, I can still have the windows open in the morning, but before too long, the temperature drops to a low thirty degrees. We are forced to start up the old oil furnace for heat. I wait as long as I can, listening the kids’ complaints about how cold it feels inside. Once that furnace starts its winter cycle, we face six to seven months of non-stop heating bills. Trapped indoors, I’ll maybe only go outside when I need to shovel snow from the driveway. The cold air is refreshing, while the inside of the house dries out with the artificial heat. The air is stuffy, and the static electricity shocks me every time I shuffle my feet on the carpet. With frequent sub-zero temperatures, most of our money feeds the heating bills.

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