I like it cold, but my wife does not

I really care about my sleeping schedule, as well as the two of us are dependent for our moods on the amount of sleep and energy that we have after waking up.

It’s true that a lot of people are certainly night owls, but the two of us function best after a long night of sleep as well as a bright as well as fresh Morning Sun.

The two of us have certainly been trying to save some money, because the two of us are going to be getting married in just a short time. The two of us have compromised on the thermostat settings, which means the cooling plan is a lot warmer than I would actually prefer. The two of us certainly disagree on the temperatures in our Victorian Mansion as I prefer to certainly be very cold as well as she prefers it to be a bit warmer. In order to save money, I guess my wife actually got her own way. I try not to think about it like that, because she lets me sleep regularly every night with a loud and roaring fan in the bedroom. I can barely sleep when the air is stagnant, as well as having the cooling plant at a higher temperature means the fan does not cycle as frequently. The two of us compromise by adjusting the thermostat as well as purchasing a small floor fan. It works pretty well as well as I can sleep multiple hours without feeling the humidity inside of the room.

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