I like putting tea tree oil on my air conditioner filters

I started to get obsessed with essential oils years ago when I was developing allergies to candles and synthetic odor fresheners.

When my symptoms started, I couldn’t have guessed that I would find a community of people on the internet that all have the same problem as I do. That’s where I got the recommendation to try an essential oil diffuser in place of my usual candles. After giving it a shot amid initial skepticism, I was blown away by the amazing aroma of the essential oils! Frankincense oil is probably my favorite, but quality bottles can cost obscene amounts of money depending on where it’s sourced from. You can get a lot of different blends as well, some marketed as relaxing and sleep inducing while others are energy blends or intended to treat headaches and migraines. After trying dozens of different essential oils and blends, I keep coming back to tea tree oil. I’m not obsessed with the aroma, but it cuts through odors better than anything else in my experience. Not only do I put tea tree oil in my essential oil diffuser, but I also put a few drops on my new air conditioner filters before I put them into the machine. I read online about this tip from an HVAC technician on a user forum. At first I questioned whether a few drops on an a/c filter could make a noticeable difference, but I was a true believer about an hour after putting my new filter into my air handler. Now I always put a little bit of tea tree oil on my air conditioner filters. As long as you only use a few drops at most, it’s not enough to damage your evaporator coil.


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