I love it when I can get a deal.

I hate it if I need to pay full price for anything. If it isn’t on sale I won’t buy it. My family tells me that I am cheap, but I call it thrifty. I just can’t see wasting money when I don’t need to. Most of my clothing comes from the local Goodwill store. I furnished most of my house from the same Goodwill as I bought my clothing. I was amazed when I was able to get a full set of dishes and all of my pots and pans from there. I didn’t think there was anything I would need that I couldn’t buy at the local Goodwill. Even when it came to repairs, I looked for special pricing. I waited until I saw a good sale on tires, before I bought them. Even the repairs came at a lower price. I just wait to see discounts. When I needed a new HVAC system for my house. I waited until I saw their annual sales going on. They usually put their leftover stock for sale when it is time for the new heating and air conditioning equipment to come in. I was able to get thirty percent off the entire heating and air conditioning system. With a little wheeling and dealing, I was even able to get free installation. After the HVAC system was installed, they offered me a one year maintenance agreement for half price. I gladly accepted it and I was glad I did. I had a problem with my furnace and all of the repairs and maintenance was covered. I have been so happy with their service that I plan on getting the maintenance agreement again this year, even if I need to pay full price for it.

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