I love my schedule

When I decided to move to the southern tip of the country, it wasn’t because I wanted to live in a location that was perpetually eighty degrees or warmer. It definitely was not to soak in the sunlight, and evacuate our apartment every 2 weeks due to a major storm coming from the ocean, either! When I moved down south, it was to pursue a modern job with a promising start-up company that a friend of mine founded; He provided me a position high up in the company that paid incredibly well – enough so that I would be making nearly double what I made before! Of course, I didn’t realize that much of our modern income would go to repairing or replacing the busted old cooling system plan in our modern house, but rather than continuing to rent an apartment after living in the section for the past year, I right away began house-hunting. When I lucked out and found a fixer-upper for a steal, I hastily made an offer! I genuinely wish I took a closer look at the heating and cooling system plan before I made our offer though, but for a single, the heating plan is in incredible shape! Of course, it’s only warm for about 2 weeks of the year here, so naturally it will remain durable from such light use. The cooling system, on the other hand? That exhausting cooling system unit of mine was already on its last leg when I bought the house. I first had the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C workers come to perform a tune-up on the system, after that I had them come and substitute multiple components within the outdoor condenser and the indoor air handler. Nothing worked! Eventually, I had to accept defeat and buy a brand-new air condenser unit and an indoor air handler. It’s a fantastic thing I was making fantastic money, because every dime went into that house!

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