I love tampa bay

This past weekend, my guy wanted to spend the weekend in Tampa, FL, however i was gleeful about the adventure, until we were driving to Tampa, FL in rush second traffic, even though my guy plus I left around 2 in the day, we still ended up an second outside of Tampa, FL, stuck in gridlock traffic. My good friend was much more patient than me, then after passing by 2 accidents, I was thinking about turning around to go back home for the day. My pal asked me to be patient, plus he promised that our adventure in Tampa, FL would be worth the terrible traffic. When we arrived to our hotel, we checked our bags plus headed straight to the beach. We eventually spent a couple of minutes catching up walking along the water, but by the time we were done walking plus talking, we were getting hangry not to mention ready to have supper. Luckily, the hotel was located next to several different diners. All of us had our pick of cuisines. My guy plus I decided to choose something simple, because we were both  tired. Unfortunately, it was Tuesday night plus the entire town of the lovely Tampa, FL was alive plus kicking. Everywhere was an second wait, even some of the petite diners. My guy plus I decided to go back to the hotel plus order pizza. It wasn’t all that pricey, however the wings plus pizza were tasty, hot, plus there in less than an second. After we finally made it through the rush hour traffic, we had a pretty nice weekend in Tampa, FL… The traffic leaving Tampa, Fl wasn’t terrible, plus we managed to get home an hour or two faster.

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