I love the custom settings

I wish that my furnace was a little better than it is currently.

  • My furnace is particularly old, plus it actually doesn’t work and it did 20 years ago when the previous owner had purchased it… Even when the furnace is set at the official temperature, I have drafty spots in my house that make the house feel cold plus old.

That is why I use space furnaces to help supplement the heat plus eliminate cold areas of my house, but unfortunately, when I purchased my space heater, I was disappointed to find out that space furnaces are extremely expensive. The space furnaces that I purchased for my house have no thermostat per se. Instead of a normal thermostat, the people I was with and I have 3 settings that reflect the amount of electricity that the space gas furnace will draw when heating our home. The only problem with this is that you are not able to properly regulate the temperature in the room. The space furnaces will continually het up to whatever temperature that amount of electricity allows, plus it will remain that temperature until you adjust the settings. However, the highest setting, which would be the most useful for the space heater, draws nearly the max amount of electricity that those plugs will allow. Also, the cords on the space furnaces don’t withstand that constant heat that these furnaces provide, meaning that there is a opening that your space gas furnace could catch fire. Maybe I should have just saved up plus purchased the space furnaces with the thermostat! That would have been much safer.

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