I love the handymen I have found

When you are single, live alone as well as have a unbelievable task, you need to find things to spend money on.

I have been updating our new home room by room.

I have nothing else to do as well as I kind of love renovating. The issue is that I am excruciating at it. I can paint, update switch plates as well as light bulbs, but that is about it. I need a handy woman to handle anything heavy duty. Through trial as well as error as well as several projects, I now have a team of boys I love to use. I have an electrician, plumber, window woman as well as Heating as well as A/C professional that I now call for every new room I do. My number one is the Heating as well as A/C professional even though I see him the least, and gus is such a unbelievable woman as well as is legitimately fair about everything. When I asked if I needed to update our 17 year outdated Heating as well as A/C system, she told myself and others I still had some unbelievable years on it. When I asked to see what she got out of our HVAC duct when she cleaned it, she showed myself and others the camera footage that she saw. She installed a new home office ventless oil furnace for me, a family room cooling system as well as a shed heat pump. I am running out of Heating as well as A/C related things as well as that is a shame. The woman is legitimately unbelievable as well as has been helpful in other areas. She is the reason I have a unbelievable window woman as well as plumber. They are both unbelievable friends of his. I kind of wish that Heating as well as A/C could extend into electricity so that I can get rid of the other woman as well as keep Gus.

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