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Every year I prefer to find a major appliance or something expensive I use constantly to replace and then purchase an update. I figure the cost of replacement is much more manageable if it is accomplished 1 item at a time so last year I replaced my washing machine and since it was an older machine I wasn’t completely convinced that it was working like it should so it made perfect sense for me to replace it with a new updated one. The year before that I did the same thing by buying a new truck. This year is no different and I have decided to work on another project my home cooling system.  My home’s cooling system has not been as solid as it was when I first obtained my home over 10 years ago. I have done typical repair on my HVAC system throughout the years, such as change air filters and then have an annual inspection. When my local repair technician came by last year, he said that it looked as if the cooling system would need to be replaced sooner rather than later so I began saving up money for the inevitable. I have decided to add some new features to my home’s HVAC system! For starters, I have learned about the programmable thermostat and am interested in it. Unlike with the old one, I will now not only be able to enjoy fantastic AC, but I will also save money by better controlling when it is running. In the end, replacing and also upgrading components to my HVAC system will be for the best.

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