I love this furniture set

I enjoy my little house, but it doesn’t come without its big problems. My dream has consistently been to own a lake house with a lot of character. When I had enough money I signed the mortgage on this stunning A-frame built in the 80s, located on a rural lake. The certain type of style of the lake condo gives myself and others unparalleled views of the lake. There is really nothing I enjoy more than sitting by the fire in my family room & noticing the deer & the foxes at evening, here and there I’ve even spotted a moose & a bear out in the forest around the lake. With that being said, the A-frame’s shape also makes arranging rooms a little tricky! While the area is pretty wide open concept, the pitch of the roof means not everything that fits looks great. I’ve found I need shorter styles for my greater furniture in order to keep the place from feeling too crowded. The problem is, finding a short backed couch in the unusual backwards L-shape is no small work. On a complete whim, I went into a custom furniture store to chat about pricing & options, however not only was the couch not as lavish as I thought it would be. The custom couch would be made to my exact needs. I showed them pictures of the space, & they all instantly understood what I wanted & why. Once the design was sketched out, I got to choose the fill & material, & the trim. I went with a brown leather with a type of metal trim for the legs that would harken back to the 80s when the condo was first built. While the custom couch is still more than I would spend in a store, it comes with an incredible warranty that the shop holds close. My handmade custom couch will be great for at least 20 years, & is the perfect fit for my home.

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