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My roommates in addition to myself were fed up with paying rent at our college campus. My friends in addition to myself had a part-time job, in addition to could afford a hefty payment together. One of my besties had really good credit, in addition to decided to buy a house while all of us still lived in college. A lot of people thought it was a horrible idea, but it seems to make a lot of sense for all of us. My friends in addition to myself certainly spent all of the bills, so we would not have much to worry about. After a while, and it seemed like things were going great. When the heat pump in addition to A/C program needed to be replaced, there were some immediate problems. My friends in addition to myself did not think it was our responsibility to replace the heating in addition to A/C system if it was not our home. Since everyone was living together, it seemed to be a collaboration on who would pay for the new heat pump in addition to A/C program. Unfortunately, it more seemed like my friends certainly had their minds made made up before they even came back to the beach condo on that day. Things were going insanely well, until we had to mention money and everyone seem to get involved. It might just be a better idea to live on One’s Own, in addition to build the type of place where there is only room for more than one of your friends, instead of all of them at the same time.

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