I love working hard

I care about the oil furnace in our home.

It keeps myself and others warm, and I have never had trouble with it… When I first moved into our home, our sibling warned myself and others that I would very have trouble with the oil furnace! She told myself and others that I would very spend a fortune in maintenance calls and parts.

She also warned myself and others that our oil furnace wouldn’t be very efficient, which would drive up the cost of our daily bills. I was surprised that I have had no complications with maintenance. In the few years that I have lived here, I have never had to call an Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C worker to fix our oil furnace, but also, the cost of our oil furnace running isn’t terrible; The only trouble that I have with our oil furnace is that the temperature control is very old and terrible. It is an old temperature control that has a needle to adjust the temperature. The needle is kind of tough to read, which means I never think exactly what temperature our oil furnace is heating to. I also have no ability to program our temperature control to turn down whenever I leave for work. Also, our a/c is not connected to the temperature control, and it has its own separate dial for cooling, which means I might forget to turn our oil furnace off. I am considering upgrading our temperature control to a smart temperature control. It would be a huge jump from the current situation, but it would be pretty cool to adjust the temperature from our iphone. The Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C company offered to install the temperature control and show myself and others how to use it! I was told that I can even keep our old oil furnace!



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