I loved my beagle

When I was ten, my Dad purchased me an animal for the first time.

I begged and pleaded for several years before he finally caved and got me what I wanted.

I loved the Beagle so much and I was upset when she passed away. I was in school at the time and I did not get to spend any time with her before she passed. When I got my first apartment, I got another Beagle. I named the cute pup Benji. Benji sheds a lot more than my other dog did. It must be due to the fact that Benji is bred with another breed of dog that must have been very hairy. Benji sheds hair all over the dining room, study room, as well as the kitchen. When my wife moved in, she was disgusted by all of the animal hair. She mentioned giving Benji up for adoption, however I would never get rid of my dog. I didn’t want to get rid of my wife either, so the two of us had to come up with a compromise. I decided to buy an entirely new media air cleaner for our study room, and not let Benji be allowed in that room anymore. It’s the only location in the whole new home where Benji is not allowed to play. The indoor air conditions inside of the study room are better than any other location in the house. It’s cool, refreshing, and there are no bad odors. Still, my wife still complains about my dog every once in a while. However, I can tell that she is starting to warm up to Benji.


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