I loved the heating equipment

The temperatures are quickly going down and down, and the trees are losing their colors everyday. I take care of the backyard every day, and there are new leaves popping up all over. We have a good deal of brush, twigs, and leaves falling in our backyard. The leaves caused a lot of damage to the pool, because the filter is constantly filled with leaf gunk and dirt. The pool guy comes a few times each week and it cost a ton of money. I cannot afford to spend money more money, and I task a lot every week. The tree leaves have also caused a significant problem with my ac system as well. The ac system fan is located near the house, in the backyard. There are constantly leaves around the cooling system fan, last week, the cooling system would not turn on either. I contacted our ac system service center and they sent a worker that exact day. The 1st thing they noticed was all of the leaves and bush leaves in the backyard. As soon as they removed the lid of it from the cooling system fan, the two of us could see tons of leaves. The cooling system service worker told me this was the concern with our fan working or not. The leaves were a hard build-up. The cooling system compressor was not getting enough airflow to task real well. The cooling system service worker commanded some occasions to assist with this problem. I didn’t realize how much damage these leaves were causing.