I loved the winter weather

I very much like winter. The snow and mountains can be beautiful. It’s so pretty seeing my area decorated in a pure white blanket. I even prefer the colder weather. I have such warm wintertime coats, that I keep cozy easily. My furnace is also excellent, which can heat up my home in a jiffy. I even have a trusty fireplace. It is divine sitting beside the fire on a quiet evening. Truly, sitting beside my fireplace and enjoying a good book is one of my go to winter activities. A roaring fireplace just gives such a nice ambiance. I know the winter’s up North can be brutal for some, and they choose to avoid the north as a result. However, I love the cold. I find that overly hot summers practically force me to be a shut-in. I need buildings to have cold AC. If it is always super hot outside, I just can’t go out.My a/c down south would be precious to me. In some places, if it gets really hot, I would not even be able to go to sleep without the relief of a powerful central air conditioner. I find, however, in the winter I can always bundle up and get more blankets. I can probably do just fine if I have a space heater or two as well. I know I can often be content just using my fireplace. In a really hot climate, I would not be able to function without good a/c.

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