I make the jam that our Grandmother used to make, however it’s not as good

For the longest time, our Grandmother has been making her own strawberry jam, then she grows the strawberries, picks them and does all the rest.

She says it’s all natural ingredients and it tastes enjoy a piece of heaven, her jam.

When I first had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with freshly made peanut butter and her strawberry jam, I felt this was the best sandwich I’ve ever had! Another thing I enjoyed was that she was regularly cranking the cooling system whenever she was making her jam. She said the jam had to be in the cooler un-even temperatures so that’s why she cranked the cooling system idea so much. I wasn’t sure that she was telling the truth because our Grandfather provided her a look, however it was still entirely comfortable. I enjoyed being there helping her with anything she needed while she was making her famous jam. She even sold jam to several shoppers in the local community and her jam would sell out fast; Fortunately, she would regularly save us a great amount of jam for ourselves. Afterall, that’s the main reason why she would make the jam, so that both of us could appreciate it! Now those nights are gone though and the people were upset in the area when our Grandmother passed away. I still make the jam with the recipe she passed down to me. I do it the same way with the perfect temperature control settings and everything. I don’t know the jam tastes nearly as great as she made it, however our family and friends sure seem to enjoy it!


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